As long-time mediators between project-makers, artists and organizers of European Capitals of Culture (ECOC) and their visitors, we have developed a specialized "ECOC-Tourism-Workshop" in recent years, which should improve the cooperative approach and in the best case a productive cooperation between ECOC-Organisations and Tourism sector.

Our aim is to specialize local cultural guides in future ECOC in order to establish a professional and sustainable mediation tool for guiding visitors during and after the cultural capital year.

On the one hand this workshop is about to inform, support and to raise local guides’ as well as the Tourism Office’s awareness of what will happen in the year of ECOC, what they might expect, on what they will have to focus on, what are the interests of the ECOC-visitors and to find ways how to communicate the concept and the content of the ECOC in a most efficient way - in respect to the visitors' interests and needs!

On the other hand to this we want to launch, organise and implement a regular communication-process (meetings/briefings) to keep the Tourism Office and its guides up to date by the ECOC-organisation-team with insight information about how (un-) successful previous projects have been, current information on the actual situation, what will happen next, background stories, experiences as well as facts and figures.

This Workshop enables us to "export" the original idea of CaP.CULT - that means to guarantee cultural mediation wholeheartedly and on a high and professional level in the European Capitals of Culture! 


white letters on black background saying european capital of culture.
blue letters on white background saying le workshop


Theory (experiences) & practice (finding new ways)
Workshops, trainings
Lectures, presentations on various ECOC-topis 
For ECOC-organizations, tourism offices and guides
Development of communication and information processes 


Consulting and support 
Long-term experiences as former ECOC-team member
Knowledge of almost all ECOC of the last 10 years
Know-how and background information about the ECOC-project
Experience in communication and audience development
Linkin-up with the ECOC-family

Carina Kurta & Pia Leydolt-Fuchs

7, Square Protis
F-13002 Marseille

0033 (0)6 95 77 43 89 // 0033 (0)6 95 77 45 31
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